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Who are we?

The Artivist Network is a collective of arts activists and facilitators who support organizers and movements to more strategically engage arts, artists, and culture in creating systemic change through the innovation, exchange, and dissemination of new forms of political intervention. We focus on empowering activists and artists with new skills, networks, tactics, and forms of political intervention. We focus specifically on climate justice organizing for its potential to provoke deep, structural, and intersectional change.

We work at the interface of art and activism because of the great potential of creativity and innovation to lift up, visualize and tell new stories; challenge and subvert dominant narratives, and bring new people actively into movement organizing. We understand public-facing activism as a tool to intervene in dominant societal narratives. We teach, encourage, and lift-up forms of creative activism that add new narratives to the public discourse to question, challenge, and reimagine structural norms and injustices by recentering debates around shared societal values.

As artivists are committed to the long-term, deep work of empowering and connecting artivists. Our commitment to unbranded work in support of local leadership, adds important additional capacity and network to bring local projects, initiatives, and stories to an international arena. 
We are currently scaling up our work and team in order to grow into a diverse and horizontal global network of arts activists with the power and network to execute independent artist-led coordinated global creative projects that tackle the root causes of the climate crisis. 

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