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Sea Change Voyage

In 2014 and 2017 the Artivist Network convened and led water-bourne journeys down the Hudson River (NY, USA)  that convened community meet-ups, performances, and feasts to grow a community around the notion of water-as-commons. Specifically, these journeys aimed to support local organizing against the expansion of transport infrastructure for fracked crude oil along the river. In 2014, the Artivist Network teamed up with Mare Liberum and  to build a flotilla of paper-mache canoes that launched a three-week journey that mobilized people towards participation in The People’s Climate March mobilization. In 2017, the Artivist Network returned to lead a 10-day “Floating Residency” that brought indigenous Mohawk artists together with artists from Europe 2) and New York to build connections between the Hudson River watershed and the Standing Rock protests, both of which are resisting the same fracked oil.

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