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Artivism 101

Introduction to the basic tools and theory of creative activism including stencils, banner design, wheatpasting, how-to run an artspace, photographic intervention, and collaborative creation for mass production.

Climate Justice Artivism

A deep look into the diversity of storytelling tools being used inside the global climate justice movement to transform the world.

Storytelling Workshops

The Artivist Network teaches simple street-theater techniques that provide low-cost and low-tech tools to local activists to communicate around any subject. The creation of storytelling performances not only gives activist a powerful communication tool, but also helps groups to refine and condense their own story to better meet their campaign objectives.

Tools for Disruption

Workshop focusing on teaching tactical tools such as illuminated banners, inflatables, mass production, giant puppets, subvertizing, parachute painting, and public interventions. Workshops often end in collective action.

Ecofeminist Artivism

A look at creative direct action through an ecofeminist lens, looking at examples and investigating how to enact concepts of ecodependence, multi-specie justice, vulnerabilities, and care ethics.

Narrative Intervention

A theoretical workshop that looks presents public-facing activism as a tool to intervene in dominant societal narratives. The workshop focuses on the theory and tactics of “narrative intervention” and “guerrilla communication”.

Public Art

Workshops on different ways for quick creation of public artworks . The workshop aims to share inspirational examples of murals, brandalism, adhack and so on by introducing specific creative tactics.

Theatre of the Oppressed

Extending beyond the usual frontiers of the theatre, the theatre of the oppressed mainly focuses on the involvement of the public through their direct participation in the public performances/actions.  The workshop focuses on introducing forum theatre, invisible theatre, newspaper theatre, and other tactics of TO in order to discover the best tactic for each collective action.

#Meme Workshops

In collaboration with Gastivists, we offer both analogue and digital meme workshops for providing rapid-response commentary about emerging political situations and “trending topics” as a way to introduce new transformative perspectives into dominant
discourses. Meme workshops are designed and facilitated to encourage participants to experiment with different forms and techniques such as
 gifs, 60-second interviews, collages, illustrations and other possible forms that mix humour, pop references, and radical politics. As an outcome, we aim to see these ideas being picked up, replicated, and shared in both online and offline communities.

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