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Over the years, the Artivist Network has held many training and workshops for different organizations where we shared our experience with activists on how to use tools and tactics for their protest or action visuals. Several artivists at the network are painting murals individually and also as a tool for the climate movement to learn new techniques and skills for their mobilizations. We have curated various toolkits and tutorial videos on how to paint community murals and how to develop concepts based on your values as team/organization. 

The examples you can see are a variety of work we have done over the past years as collaborations made during the UNFCCC negotiations with XR International, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth International, and so on, some made as individual work, some as community projects as part of a training program we facilitated together.

illiberal democracies __ Hand organisation 2017 Budapest  (1).jpg
Friends of the earth festival ( Basecamp) 2018.jpg
Cop madrid.jpg
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