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Artivist in Residence Program

As a tool for deepened practical education, the Artivist Network engages a new “Artivists-in-Residence” program for all of its major projects as a way to empower, train, and learn from visiting international artivists while supporting their engagement with local movements. These unique residencies are principally dedicated to supporting experimentation and tactical innovation for new forms of protest.  We work intentionally to mentor younger artivists or artists looking to engage more directly with movements and convene residencies and gatherings that bring together artivists as spaces for exchange, network building through active collaboration, and creative campaign design charrettes. From multi-week residencies to weekend gatherings, we have found the invaluable utility of creating rare spaces for movement artists to collaborate with widespread creative freedom. Numerous major international collaborations and projects have grown from these encounters. 

Trainings for Trainers

The world needs more people giving good trainings on the strategic use of creativity. Our “trainings for trainers” are designed to enable participants to become more effective and creative agents of change, not only inside their own work but also empowered with new skills to support others in strategically engaging creativity. These trainings mix theoretical concepts of guerilla communication with hands-on practical tactics and tips, inspiring examples of previous actions, and a number of new facilitation techniques to support groups in generating strategic ideas and turning them into reality.

Our training for trainers methodology is designed to give participants experience with leading groups, and apply movement theory to their own lived experience to enable them to tell compelling stories that others may learn from. Throughout the training, we are all both learners and teachers and constantly reflect upon both processes as ways of improving our powers of groups observation and adjusting quickly to the changing needs and energies of a collective process.

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