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COP 27

As the Artivist Network, we have been organizing autonomous self-organized art spaces that can provide crucial movement infrastructure to any groups looking to do creative actions during the UN Conference of the Parties (COP) for ten years.

We believe that such spaces provide a crucial organizing opportunity for international and local youth groups who attend the COP to plan, strategize, build a network and co-create. Despite their many flaws, COP remains a crucial moment for global climate justice movements to gather, strategize, network, and build alignment.

As a lead-up to COP27, we offered consultation and online training to different organizations and groups by providing them with creative support and action organization. We also welcomed seven artists and activists from different countries and backgrounds as artivists- in-residence at Radim Kacer Gallery, the only independent art space and studio showcasing various artists in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Our artivist-in-residence worked together with different groups and organizations in the fields of action documentation, visual art, street art, political theatre, creative storytelling, inflatable art, creative action support, and coordination in order to help create a diverse range of interventions during the summit.  

Throughout the summit, we supported over 20+ actions with visuals, choreography & documentation for organizations and campaigns such as Friends of the Earth International,, Don’t Gas Africa, Kick Big Polluters Out, Greenpeace International, Oil change International, Corporate Accountability, and many other groups and organizations. 



Photography by Bianka Reka Csenki



Sea levels are rising, inflation is rising, inequality is rising, temperatures are rising, debt is rising, drought is rising, food prices are rising, wildfires are rising, rent is rising, extinction is rising, cost of living is rising, energy prices are rising and corporate profits are rising - so we are rising too! “

As the Artivist Network, we had a crucial role in organizing #FloodTheCOP27 by supporting the action with choreography, documentation, visual arts, creative communications, and action coordination.

After a year of unprecedented climate impacts across the world including the recent devastating floods in Pakistan and Nigeria, frontline women from the Global South brought the flood to COP27 to urge rich nations to compensate most affected communities for loss and damages caused by over a century of emissions cause climate crisis we are in. The action amplified that #ClimateReparations require that stolen wealth and the land be returned to #IndigenousPeoples, frontline impacted communities and demanded that Global North- who have grown rich by polluting the atmosphere -  pay for the damage they have caused.


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