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Jakarta Jungle House

Jakarta Jungle House paying heed to the landmark IPCC report calling for ‘drastic and unprecedented action’, the Artivist Network ran the Jakarta Jungle House in December 2018 in parallel with an artspace organized by the Artivist Network in Katowice, Poland. This was our first experiment with decentralized art-space organizing around the UN Climate process that brought together a mix of people from Indonesia and Malaysia for a week of trainings, performances, and skill-shares. Working with local partners and supporting organizations, we brought together artists and activists from the region to co-create a week-long CoSchool, including workshops and creative sessions open to the general public and school children, a visit to an urban garden, and a 3-day exhibition in collaboration with FossilFreeIndonesia that included artwork from Singapore’s youth and a rooftop night of poetry and a closing circle under the Indonesia stars.

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