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Dream Machine & Stereo ArtSpace
COP26- Glasgow, 2021

At the first major UN Climate Summit for a new generation of climate activists, the COP15 summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, members of the Artivist Network worked with YOUNGO to set up an ArtSpace that became the center of the young climate movement at its first major international encounter.  Artivists-in-Residence worked with international youth organizers to create the youth bloque in the largest climate mobilization to date. Props included 3 giant fabric boats, dinosaur puppets, 40 choreographed dancing penguins, and many banners made by national youth coalitions. The ArtSpace also served as a space for the creation of numerous action visuals used inside and outside the COP15 Climate Summit.

00Artivism_COP_Day1_Bianka_Csenki-9887 copie.jpg