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Other ArtSpaces

The Climate Games 2015 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Earth First Camp (2015, 2016. UK), Rolling Restance Camp (2017, UK), BaseCamp (2018, UK), Maleta Art Space (2019, Chile), Ende Gelande (Germany), TTIP-CETA Game Over (Brussels, Belgium), Bali World Beyond Banks ArtSpace (Bali, Indonesia), Limity Jsme My (Czech Republic), Obódz Dla Klimatu (Poland), Austrian Climate Camp (Austria), COP15 (w/ YOUNGO, Copenhagen), COP16 (w/ YOUNGO, Cancun), COP17 (Durban), COP20 (w/ Tierra Activa, Peru), 8M Woman’s Strike (w/ Arts Can Battlo, Barcelona), Fridays for Future (Barcelona), Fridays for Future (Budapest), Fridays for Future (Malaysia), Powershift Conferences (2007, 2009, 2011. USA) and more…

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